Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing

Beauty today is no more a simple word, it is a phenomena. It is "loveliness & grace". An attractive appearance and grace is one of the most essential assets which helps to move forward in the society. The everyday progressing science has helped a great deal to evolve various methods to enhance the beauty by simple make-ups and skin treatment etc. Khazani Women's Vocational Institute not only helps to learn personal grooming through this course, but also imparts theoretical and practical training of the girls. It assists them in establishing themselves in this field as beauty journalists, hair styling experts, make up artists, selfpromoter for beauty products and equipments and beauty consultants. The girls can also seek for self employment by opening their own parlours as the demand for such is rising constantly.

Duration : Two Year Course 

Eligibility : Minimum 10 + 2 


Waxing & Threading
Manicure & Pedicure
Thermoherb & Wax Packs
Vegetable Peel
Bindi (Every Day, Occasional, Bridal
Nail Arts
Hand Heena
Seasonal Skin Care
Pimple Treatment
Pigmentation Treatment
Under-Eye Treatment
Knowledge of Sliming
Vibrator Usage
Body Massage
Skin Analysis
Dietetics & Nutrition
Yogic Exercises for Fitness
Anatomy & Physiology
Saree & Bridal Attire Drapes
Beauty Salon Management

Hair Dressing

Daily & Weekly Hair Care
Cutting & Trimming
Hair Styling & Setting
Roller Setting
Electric Roller Setting
Henna Application
Hair Streaking & Highlighting
Hair Colouring
Perming & Straightening
Treatment for Hair Fall
Treatment for Dandruff
Treatment for Split Ends
Research Project