Early Childhood Care Education

ECCE is a program that mainly focuses on the holistic development of the child. It inculcates the professional skills and develops the personal characteristics of students, which helps them to teach children of pre-nursery and nursery level in a comprehensive and sensitive manner. The basic training revolves around the child psychology, training devices, overall personality development, creativity and social responsibility. The students during the course shall be required to take practical experience of teaching in prestigious school and child-oriented workshops. After this course the student can get self employed by opening pre-nursery schools or seek various jobs like nursery teachers, technologists of preparation of children's education material, or as lecturers in other ECCE institutes.

Duration : Two Years 
Eligibility : Minimum 10 + 2


Syllabus of ECCE lst Year Sem-1 & Sem-2

Early Childhood Care Education
Devise of Teaching
School Organization & Administration
Child Health & Nutrition
Program Planning
Child Development
Creative Art and Performing Art
First Aid Training
Integrated Training Program
Personality Development
English Communication Skills
Colouring Workshop
Educational Visits
Communication Skills
Lesson Plans
Case Study
Display Boards
Internship Teaching Practice

Syllabus of ECCE lInd Year Sem-3 & Sem-4

Aspect of Child Development
Programming Planning (II)
Creative Art
Performing Art
Working with Parents and Community
Intelligence and Learning
Communication Skill
Syllabus Building
Art & Craft
Internship Teaching Practice